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Domestic first dry pump seal
In 1996, the Daqing Petrochemical Ethylene Plant started operation, filling a domestic gap.

Domestic first reaction kettle dry gas seal
In 2001, the dry gas seal of the low speed 100r / min reactor was operated in Daqing Huake.

Domestic first Roots fan dry gas seal
In 2002, Jihua Synthetic Resin Factory was operated.

The first domestic dry screw seal for screw compressors
In 2006, it was used in Liaoyang Petrochemical Polyester Plant.

First domestic 10Mpa dry gas seal
In 2008, 15 / 17.2Mpa high-pressure dry gas seal was transported in the hydrogenation unit of Daqing Petrochemical Refinery

Domestic first vacuum pump dry gas seal
In 2009, the first vacuum pump dry gas seal was put into use in Qilu Petrochemical Refinery.

Domestic first solid-liquid separation centrifuge dry gas seal
In 2003, Daqing Petrochemical operated low-pressure polyethylene.

Dry gas seal for cracking gas compressor
In 2002, it operated at Daqing Petrochemical.

The company started with large shaft diameter dry gas seals
In 2012, the trial production of dry gas seal for Ф350mm compressor of large-scale LNG plant of PetroChina was successful

Company's highest pressure dry gas seal
In 2016, the 19.8MPa high-pressure compressor dry gas seal was used in Shan Dongfangyu lubricant hydrogenation.

Natural gas pipeline compressor dry gas seal
In 2017, the dry gas seal of the 15Mpa natural gas pipeline compressor developed by the company passed the identification.

Domestic first high-speed pump dry gas seal
In 2004, it operated at a low-pressure polyethylene plant in Tianjin Petrochemical Refinery.